APT Simulation

What is it?

An Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) simulation is an almost unrestricted service offering.

This service aims to compromise your most critical assets, without alerting any of your defensive technologies.

There is an almost unrestricted scope, allowing your business to simulate real world, targeted attackers attempting to compromise your environments. 

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What Will Be Assessed?

In this type of engagement, there is no strict scope – instead goals are set. We will discuss and plan your goals with you prior to the APT Simulation. An example of these could be to:

What Can You Expect From an APT Simulation?


Ruptura InfoSecurity will provide you with a service that mimics skilled, motivated attackers attempting to compromise your entire organisation. We have access to the same tools and methodologies that attackers use in-the-wild, alongside our own bespoke tooling and techniques.

Peace of Mind:

You can expect to receive an excellent, disruption free, service at an affordable price, allowing you to focus on running your business – without having to worry about downtime or cost.


You can expect to receive assurance of the security posture of your organisation through both detailed technical reports and management level debriefs. Our reports contain both detailed technical details, but also ‘Plain English’ to allow you to make informed decisions about your next steps.

Remote Testing:

Our APT Simulations are performed remotely. This enables us to test in the same way that a real-world attacker would, over the internet from any location!

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