Cyber Essentials Plus

What is it?

Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+) is an extension of the basic Cyber Essentials Certification, focussing on organisation’s IT systems and networks. CE+ requires a far more detailed audit than the basic CE, meaning that a CE+ certification is a far more impressive accolade to hold.

As an accredited CE+ assessor, Ruptura InfoSecurity can help  you with your Cyber Essentials journey.

Why Do You Need Cyber Essentials Plus?


What Will Be Assessed?

Ruptura InfoSecurity will assess your organisation against 5 main security controls:

As a result of a successful assessment, a CE+ certificate will be generated which will remain valid for 1 year.

How to get Certified?

Since April 2020, all CE+ certifications are awarded through the IASME Consortium. As an accreditation body for IASME, Ruptura InfoSecurity are able to assess your organisation and award CE certifications.

Gap Analysis

One of our highly-skilled technical consultants will work with you to help you become compliant against the CE+ scheme.


Your organisation is assessed through a detailed audit, including vulnerability scans and various email and malware related tests.


Once successful, you will be awarded a Cyber Essentials Plus certificate – valid for 1 year.  Should there be any issues, you will have 30 days to remedy these issues before being awarded with a CE+ certification.

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