Phishing and Social Engineering Awareness

What is Social Engineering?

Social Engineering is the process of manipulating the human aspect of a security system to gain access to confidential information or restricted areas. This can vary from a simple credential stealing ‘Phishing’ attack, to various on-site engagements. 

The aim is not to compromise an IT system through a conventional vulnerability or misconfiguration, but rather to gain access through ‘exploiting’ the human in the middle.

Social Engineering

Our Services

Phishing Assessments

We will perform a targeted phishing attack against your organisation. This can be to either capture credentials, or to deliver malware into your organisation. 

A phishing assessment can be used as a good benchmark to assess user awareness and the effectiveness of security training.

Physical Security Assessments

We will perform an on-site social engineering assessment to test the physical security of your premises.

This assessment may be useful for those organisations who require a high level of security assurance of both their physical and virtual estate.

Stolen Device Assessment

We will simulate an attacker stealing a physical device to identify what information could be obtained from this device. 

In this simulation, your organisation would provide us with an employees machine for a day, simulating someone stealing it.

Social Engineering Training

Our valuable training will develop your organisations security awareness practices. 

Various techniques will be taught on how to prevent social engineering attacks against your business. This training usually takes place after one of the above assessments..

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