Small Business Security Essentials Training

What Will This Provide?

Our Small Business Security Essentials training package is designed to provide you with the knowledge of how to adequately secure your business against modern day cyber criminals. 

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This course will detail how to secure both internal and external services to a good level of security. Policies and configuration guidance will be provided, along with advice for various commercial and bespoke systems. 

Course Format

The Small Business Security Essentials course is delivered over a single day and is currently only available remotely (due to Covid-19). This would normally be delivered on-site from our Milton Keynes office.

The format of the day can be found below:

The next Small Business Security Essentials course will take place on:

What Can You Expect?


You can expect to receive expert consultation and training on how to instantly improve the security of your organisation. Course material is constantly updated to stay relevant to the techniques that real world cyber criminals use.

Technical Advice:

Our consultants will be available after the course has been delivered to help you with any technical issues or questions that you may have. 

Real Benefits:

The Small Business Security Essentials training course will enable you to see the clear next steps and areas to address when developing your organisation’s IT security posture saving you both time and expense in the future. 

Return on Investment

Techniques learnt within this single day course may save your organisation from a future security breach, potentially causing irreversible financial and reputational damage to the business.


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