Why Choose Us?

Offensive Security Specialists

Our strengths lie in our ability to emulate real world adversaries. We understand how hackers think and are able to mimic their techniques in a safe and controlled engagement.

Our consultants are able to identify potential weaknesses and attack paths, that may not have been previously considered. We are able to identify certain exploits that may only occur when certain vulnerabilities are chained together.

 Our team have years of purely Offensive Cyber Security experience, holding industry recognised certifications, bug bounty honours and regularly contributing to the wider penetration testing community.

Trusted Service

Technical Excellence

Our Service Model

To ensure the best level of service for our clients, our processes are kept as simple and un-intrusive as possible. We deliver bespoke services, individually tailored to each organisations needs and security requirements. 

We have removed any unnecessary steps, resulting in the below engagement life cycle:


A technical consultant works with you to accurately scope projects and requirements.


The service is delivered with regular contact and updates being provided to you throughout.

Report and Debrief

The report is generated containing both technical details and ‘plain english’ information, allowing for all members of your business to understand risk.

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