Securing Your Critical Assets

We secure your critical assets through targeted and research driven penetration testing. We can identify and safely exploit various attack paths, vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your organisation and it’s current defences.

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Penetration Testing

Our CREST approved penetration testing services assess key environments for security vulnerabilities. This can include Web Applications, Network Infrastructure and Mobile Applications.

Cyber Essentials

Our Cyber Essentials service allows your organisation to be assessed against both the Cyber Essentials Basic and Plus schemes. These fixed cost services can get your business certified quickly and efficiently.

Security Consultancy

Our experienced security consultants can assist your business with various security product deployments, technical configurations and ensure that wider security goals are met.

Research Driven Capabilities

To ensure the best coverage and services for our clients, we ensure that we innovate and research in the same way “real-world” adversaries would. 

These research activities allow us to utilise bleeding-edge tools and techniques within our services, providing our clients with an up to date view of the security posture of their environments.

Industry Leaders

The team at Ruptura InfoSecurity consists of sought out experts who are known by name throughout the wider cyber security industry. Our published research findings are often quoted and accredited in third party blogs and research papers.

End to End Service

Our aim is to provide our clients with a managed cyber security service, helping them achieve their goals from start to finish. We not only offer technical testing services, but also strategic cyber security consultancy and aftercare services to assist our clients with future remediation activities and strategy.

Exceptional Quality

We pride ourselves on the quality of the cyber security services that we provide. This starts from our pre-engagement team working closely with your organisation, through to the quality of the technical consultants on the projects, all the way to our tailored aftercare services bespoke to your requirements.

Ruptura InfoSecurity are a UK based cyber security provider. Our services are provided entirely in-house and are fully accredited by industry standard qualifications and standards.

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Cyber Expo

International Cyber Expo

London Olympia
27th-28th September 2023

We are proud to be exhibiting at the International Cyber Expo later this year. It would be great to meet with our existing and prospective clients to help them with their penetration testing and cyber security requirements.

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