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Major Ransomware Groups

The Major Ransomware Groups

Conti, Ryuk, and REvil are three of the most well-known and notorious ransomware groups that have caused significant damage and financial loss to organisations worldwide. Each of these groups has their own unique tactics and techniques, but they all share a common goal of extorting money from their victims through the use of ransomware attacks.

Double encryption ransomware

What is Double Extortion?

Ransomware, a multifaceted cyber threat, is more complex and damaging than many realise. With diverse attack vectors and multiple profit mechanisms, it represents an escalating danger. This guide delves into the intricacies of double extortion in Ransomware, offering comprehensive insights into its operations, impact, and why it’s a significant concern.

Why Should An MSSP Use A Pentesting Partner?

A good MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) should be able to service all their clients cyber security needs to a very high standard. With the sheer size of the cyber security field, this may not be possible with niche services such as penetration testing and targeted security assessments. Here we discuss why it is beneficial for MSSP’s to work with a penetration testing partner, rather than developing their own capabilities.

Writing Tiny, Stealthy & Reliable Malware

When it comes to writing custom tooling for engagements, the motivations associated with it often vary. At a high level, as a consultancy, having the capabilities to produce allows us to offer a niche but more realistic engagement. We can emulate the adversaries who target similar businesses in the same industry – ultimately giving the client a better assessment of their overall security posture through a profound offence against their various defensive capabilities.