Cyber Essentials Services

Protect your organisation with UK Government approved cyber security accreditations.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a simple but effective, Government backed scheme that will help you to protect your organisation, whatever its size, against a range of the most common cyber attacks.

There are currently two levels of Cyber Essentials: Basic and Plus. These services are priced according to the number of employees in your organisation.

If your organisation would like to bid for central government contracts, you will require a Cyber Essentials Basic certification in order to tender.

We Provide a Fully Supported Service to Ensure You Reach Your Required Level of Certification.

What Are The Different Levels of Certification?

Cyber Essentials Basic

Cyber Essentials Basic is a fully UK Government backed scheme that involves answering a cyber security questionnaire. These answers are then fully assessed by an approved certification body such as ourselves.

Ransomware Simulation

What Key Areas Does The Questionnaire Cover?

Access Controls
How are permissions managed throughout the organisation?​
Patching and Updates
How are updates securely applied on all systems?​
Malware Protection
How are devices protected against malware?
Secure Configuration
Are devices securely configured in line with best practice?​
Firewalls and Routers
Is the environment securely segmented and are devices hidden from the public internet?

What Are The Benefits of Cyber Essentials Basic?

Provide Assurance To Clients

New and existing clients will have assurance that security controls are in place to protect their data.

Government Approved

Cyber Essentials is fully government approved, with the scheme being created by the NCSC.

Open Up Markets

Various procurement platforms will only accept applications from businesses with a Cyber Essentials certificate.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Essentials certification provides an optional £25,000 cyber insurance, included within the cost.

Stand Out

A Cyber Essentials certificate may give your organisation the edge over competitors.


Your organisation will have been assessed to a government approved standard of security.

Support Packages

We offer both a fully supported service as well as an assessment only service. Our support package provides you with a dedicated cyber security consultant who can guide you through every step of your Cyber Essentials Basic journey.

We can perform gap analysis assessments, assist in required remediation activities and provide solutions to any potential queries that arise.

  • Assessment Only £300

    Our assessment only prices are fixed, dependant upon the size of your organisation. These start from £300 for those with 0-9 employees.

  • Supported £795

    Our supported service provides you with full assurance that you will successfully achieve compliance against Cyber Essentials Basic. This starts from £795.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus is a technical assessment of your organisation by an approved third party. It can only take place alongside, or after a successful Cyber Essentials Basic audit and shows that your organisation is operating securely.

What is Included in the Assessment?

Internal Vulnerability Scan
A comprehensive vulnerability scan is conducted to identify weaknesses or potential vulnerabilities in your systems. Identified issues can then be addressed promptly through remediation strategies such as software updates, patches, or security enhancements.
External Vulnerability Scan
A full external vulnerability scan is performed against your organisation’s publicly facing infrastructure. This identifies any vulnerabilities that a remote attacker may be able to exploit.
Malware Download Tests
All devices in scope are tested against their resiliency to common forms of malware. Various configurations are checked from initial download controls to execution policies.
Multi Factor Authentication Checks
Multi factor authentication is a key security control that can help prevent your organisation from being compromised. Ruptura InfoSecurity will review the configuration of your authentication controls to ensure that MFA is enabled where possible.
We will assess your organisation to ensure that users have not been given excessive permissions over what they need to conduct their day to day activities.

What Are The Benefits of Cyber Essentials Plus?

Provide Extensive Assurance

Clients will have the assurance that your organisation has been fully assessed by a trusted and approved cyber security company.

Real Time Assessment

A Cyber Essentials Plus certificate shows that your organisation is currently well protected against the most prevelant cyber threats.

Additional Markets

Some stricter private and public sector platforms only accept applications from organisations holding a Cyber Essentials Plus certificate.

Get Certified With Ruptura

As an NCSC and IASME trusted certification body, your organisation will have the assurance that we have the expert knowledge and experience to successfully audit and certify your business.

We will work extensively with you to ensure that your organisation achieves compliance and remains certified against the Cyber Essentials Plus standard.

We Can Assess and Provide Certificates For Both Cyber Essentials Basic and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Why Trust Us With Your Certification Journey?

  • We are an IASME Approved Certification Body.

    We are a fully approved Cyber Essentials Basic and Cyber Essentials Plus certification body. This allows us to issue Cyber Essentials certificates without needing to engage any other organisation.

  • We Can Get You Certified Today.

    Our team is always ready to meet your certification deadlines. This can often be provided on the same day if required. We always aim to keep our lead times to be the lowest in the market.

  • We Are Highly Experienced

    We certify hundreds of organisations against both Cyber Essentials Basic and Cyber Essentials Plus. Our experience allows a seamless service and no risk of issue.

Get Certified Today.

With a few details about your organisation, our team can quickly get back to you with a quote. Alternatively, you can email us if you prefer:

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H. Ward - CEO
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"Really great service from start to finish from both Sabina and Tom. I have worked with several companies in the same field and always felt like a 'number' whereas with Ruptura, I felt like an actual customer who they wanted to help. From the initial email to getting our CE accreditation - they have been better than expected - I would highly recommend them and will also be a returning customer. Thanks so much!"
L. Thomas - Project Manager
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"Great experience with Ruptura InfoSecurity. Tom, Sabina and Josh all went above and beyond to help us meet a really tight deadline. We will be using these again. Thank you! Thanks so much!"
A. Sidwell - IT Director
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"The experience so far has been very positive on all levels. The initial engagement and scoping were straight forward, excellent technical skills demonstrated, and the quality of the reporting was high. Along with going the extra mile to fit in with some tight deadlines, the engagements have run like clockwork with very swift report turn around."

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