External Infrastructure Security Testing

What is it?

External infrastructure testing involves assessing your externally facing infrastructure for security vulnerabilities.

As these devices are publicly exposed to the internet, malicious attackers from all around the world are able to target and potentially compromise these systems – with unlimited time restraints.

Switchboard as an example of external infrastructure

What Will Be Assessed?

Ruptura InfoSecurity will assess your externally facing infrastructure looking for both security vulnerabilities and insecure configurations. This testing usually targets your key external resources such as:

What Can You Expect From External Infrastructure Testing?


Our infrastructure branch of testers specialise in assessing corporate networks of all sizes and complexity. Ruptura InfoSecurity will use both industry approved tools and custom built ‘in-house’ tools to assess your external infrastructure, ensuring you have a full picture of your environment.

Peace of Mind:

You can expect to receive an excellent, disruption free, service at an affordable price, allowing you to focus on running your business – without having to worry about downtime or cost. We will take care of everything.


You can expect to receive assurance of the security posture of your infrastructure through both detailed technical reports and management level debriefs. Our reports contain both detailed technical details, but also ‘Plain English’ to allow you to make informed decisions about your next steps. 

Remote Testing:

Our external infrastructure security testing service is performed remotely. This enables us to test in the same way that a real-world attacker would, over the internet from any location!

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