Red Teaming Service

Goal based engagements targeting your critical assets.

What is Red Teaming?

Our red teaming service aims to emulate highly skilled (and potentially state-funded) adversaries attacking your business.

In our red team penetration testing service, we will utilise cutting edge tools and techniques in an attempt to compromise your organisation’s most critical assets. This may include the use of un-disclosed or “0-Day” vulnerabilities.


What Will Be Assessed?

Rather than defining a strict scope, we will instead define key goals and assets to compromise. This approach allows us to assess your organisation in a flexible and malleable way – similarly to how a real world adversary would.

Examples of Goals

Examples of goals we may set prior to conducting a red team security testing:

  • Access and exfiltrate confidential data.
  • Compromise key internal functions, such as finance and HR.
  • Authorise or successfully exfiltrate monies from the business.
  • Remain undetected throughout the process.

Remote Testing

To fully emulate a well skilled and highly funded adversary, our red teaming service is performed remotely. This enables us to test in the same way that a real-world attacker would, over the internet from any location.
A Cyber Security Partner You Can Trust

Ruptura InfoSecurity are a UK based cyber security provider. Our services are provided entirely in-house and are fully accredited by industry standard qualifications and standards.

Benefits of Red Team Engagements

  • Multifaceted approach

    We use a variety of state-of-the-art techniques to conduct your simulated red team attack, identifying security issues that are beyond the capabilities of automated tools.

  • Assess your defence level

    A deep analysis of your security strategy can reveal the company’s ability to detect and respond to attacks.

  • Reduce the risk of attack

    Simulating the behaviour of real-life hackers provides unprecedented insight into how best to prepare, detect and recover from cyberattacks.

  • A complex approach

    Understanding the most important security issues will help you prioritise and focus your remediation efforts. Our ongoing and aftercare service is far more effective than siloed testing.

Who Needs A Red Team Assessment?

A red teaming security assessment allows your organisation to fully evaluate their security posture against a real world, highly skilled and motivated threat actor. Our team of consultants can emulate this through utilising cutting edge tools and techniques to compromise your most critical assets. By assessing your organisation with an attackers point of view, we are able to highlight attack paths and vulnerabilities that may have been previously unconsidered.

Our red teaming service is most applicable to those organisations who:

  • Regularly perform standard, scope-based, penetration testing.
  • Have an existing defensive capability.
  • Have an existing IT security team.
  • Have an appropriate cyber security budget.

Our Engagement Lifecycle

A typical red teaming engagement conducted by Ruptura InfoSecurity will follow the following engagement lifestyle.

Our aftercare service allows your organisation to receive the technical support it may need to remediate identified vulnerabilities.

Step 1 - Scoping

Ruptura InfoSecurity will work with your organisation to define key goals and checkpoints for the engagement. 

Step 2 - Proposal

Ruptura InfoSecurity will securely issue a formal proposal containing all T&C's and other important information.

Step 3 - Discovery

Our team of red teamers will begin to identify attack paths to your critical assets and will prepare for the exploitation phase.

Step 4 - Exploitation

Using a variety of techniques, we will attempt to compromise your environments to satisfy the goals defined within the scoping stage. 

Step 5 - Reporting

We will complete their report detailing all identified issues, attack paths and appropriate fixes. Once QA'd, the report is securely issued.

Step 6 - Aftercare

Our consultancy team will then take over to assist you with any technical remediation activities and additional support. Debrief sessions can take place with key stakeholders.

Why Red Team Services by Ruptura?

Our vast experience in all areas of cybersecurity enable us to provide a world-class red teaming service. We are able to target and accurately assess all aspects of your organisation.

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