Our Mission To Secure The UAE.

We have been trusted and certified by the Dubai Electronic Security Centre (DESC) to provide Penetration Testing services throughout Dubai. We are one of a very small number of companies who have been authorised to offer these services.

About Us

Ruptura InfoSecurity expanded into Dubai in mid 2023 to fully explore and develop the UAE’s existing cyber security strategy. We identified a gap in the market for a highly technical, in-depth and proven cyber security company – primarily focused around penetration testing as a service.
Our experience and level of expertise in the Penetration Testing market allowed us to be a registered supplier via the Dubai Cyber Force scheme, a collaboration between CREST and the Dubai Electronic Security Centre.

Our Dubai services are performed by our local trading name 'Penetration Testing Middle East FZCO'.


Our mission is to provide organisations within the UAE with detailed insights into their security posture through highly technical and comprehensive penetration testing.


In our pursuit of excellence, we envision a future where our expertise in penetration testing not only safeguards UAE businesses but also contributes to the nation’s global reputation as a secure and digitally advanced hub.


We are always looking to help new clients throughout various industries and sectors. Cyber security affects all sizes of business, with often those within the SME bracket being more likely to be targeted by adversaries. We do not have an ideal client size or field, but typically work with businesses in the following industries:
Ransomware Simulation

We are a Fully Accredited Penetration Testing Provider on the Dubai Cyber Force, Awarded by the Dubai Electronic Security Centre.


Your Trusted Cyber Security Provider.

We are a global cyber security provider, with offices in both the UK and Dubai. Our services are provided entirely in-house and are fully accredited by industry standard qualifications and standards. We work with some of the largest global organisations to single person organisations, with them all receiving the same high level of service.